Friday, December 1st – 5:30-8:00 pm
Oop Bop Sh’Bam 
jazz in the bookshop
every Friday since October 2002

Last chance to hear Oop Bop Sh’ Bam in 2017! Five cats who swing like nobody’s business and navigate the bop changes like it’s second nature.

A Jazz in the Neighborhood Guaranteed Fair Wage Fund date! This  means Jazz in the Neighborhood will help us reach a guarantee of $150 per musician for this show. That’s a $750 payout–$450 of which is on us! So we’ve got some heavy lifting to do to get there. That being the case, we’re asking you to dig deep in your pockets and put an extra $5 or $10 in the donation buckets tonight! They’re playing for you, after all!

Since it’s BYOB at B&B these days, it’ll still be a cheap night out for you, and these musicians deserve it! This is a great band of seasoned professionals, and we’re pleased to be part of a movement that recognizes they should be decently compensated for sharing their talents with us.

Jeff Burr’s the kid on the date — a magnificently capable guitarist, spinning out lines and voicing lovely harmonies as if it’s second nature… Jerry and Al are veteran horn players who like nothing better than to play all the pretty notes in perfect time… Dean and Vince keep and embroider the pulse of the music. Dean’s in his 90s, and still playing with the insouciance of a teenager with his first ducktail. He first made big waves in Vince Guaraldi’s trio in 1950, and he hasn’t lost a step!

These musicians have done this as a unit twice before at Bird & Beckett, and will do it again at a late show on Friday, January 5th before taking a short hiatus and returning in April. Catch them now!

Al Molina, trumpet and flugelhorn
Jerry Logas, flute and reeds
Jeffrey Burr, guitar
Dean Reilly, bass
Vince Lateano, drums