Tuesday, July 21st – 7 pm
Our Right to the City: Fighting Against the Forces of Displacement

Each July, LaborFest floods the City with programs in venues all over town.  Haven’t been paying attention?  Turn to their website and see what you’ve missed and what is coming up in the next ten days or so.  It’s at this link.

eviction protestTonight, it’s Bird & Beckett’s turn to share the labor movement’s vast riches with you, as the LaborFest Writers Group gathers to share their essays exploring our present cataclysm of outrageous rent hikes, Ellis Act evictions, phony owner move-ins, all indicative of a de facto cultural cleansing that’s going on in the pursuit of a shiny and shallow present whose worth is measured in terms of fat cash flows unavailable to most of us.

We’d say it’s important to realize that “most of us” is the key, and that solidarity — a time-honored labor principle — is the only way we’ll win the day.

LaborFest programs this month have been commemorating historic struggles of labor against capital, exploring the manifold unjust ways in which working people — and so many willing workers denied work — are abused and exploited, celebrating the culture of solidarity.  Join us in Glen Park to make common cause with our brothers and sisters, our parents and our children, all of us hanging on by our fingernails in apartments and houses across this beautiful city and region, that money and its many grubbers blithely want to have for themselves.

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