Monday, March 25th:
Patrick James Dunagan, Derek Fenner, Christina Fisher, poets

03-25-13 Dunagan Fenner Fisher - web
Monday, March 25th at 7:00 pm, Poets Patrick James Dunagan, Derek Fenner and Christina Fisher read poems and engage in repartee. Dunagan’s upcoming booke, Das Gedichtete, may or may not be hot off the Ugly Duckling Presse, in Brooklyn, and if so, may be read from. Regardless, there will be words to be heard, and, to be sure, a slim and extremely limited edition of poems by all three for distribution at the reading, so don’t miss out!

A graduate of the Poetics program at New College of California, Patrick James Dunagan lives in San Francisco and works at Gleeson library for the University of San Francisco. Just bout now or sometime his writings appeared in: 1913, Amerarcana, Big Bridge, Bookslut, House Organ, Lighting’d Press, Newpages, Otoliths, Rain Taxi, Shampoo, and The Volta. His books include Das Gedichtete (Ugly Duckling), There Are People Who Say That Painters Shouldn’t Talk: A GUSTONBOOK (Post Apollo), Her Friends Down at the French Cafe Had No English Words For Me (PUSH), from Chansonniers (Blue Press) and Spirit Guest (Lew Gallery).
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Derek Fenner is an artist, writer, publisher, and educator. He is the author of My Favorite Color is Red (Bootstrap Press 2005), I No Longer Believe in the Sun: Love Letters to Katie Couric (Boostrap Press 2009), Wild Schemes (Lew Gallery 2010), and I No Longer Believe in the Northern Lights: Love Letters to Sarah Palin (13 b’ak’tun press 2012). He lives in Oakland, CA.
Derek Fenner - web

Christina Fisher‘s Maybe, A Painter is published on Auguste Press, and she looks forward to her next collection, YOUNG. She lives in San Francisco. Other biographical details may or may not be forthcoming.
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