Saturday, August 16th – 7:30 pm:
“Playing with Parkinson’s”
a jazz club film screening

Sangeeta with guitarA new documentary film on Sangeeta Michael Berardi, avant garde jazz guitarist. Sangeeta will be on hand, along with director Burrill Crohn.

sangeeta in the seventiesSangeeta Michael Berardi, from the 60s through the late 1990s, was a fantastic guitarist playing with the top musicians on the “out” side of jazz — Archie Shepp, Roswell Rudd, Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Rashied Ali, Eddie Gomez among them — and made memorable recordings that sound fresh to this day

In 2000, Sangeeta contracted Parkinson’s disease and a film on Sangeeta — “Playing with Parkinson’s” by director Burrill Crohn — is now nearing release. The film delves deeply to show us a musician whose intellect, talent, creativity and engagement have not dimmed an iota, regardless of the physical effect on his body.

Sangeeta youngSangeeta lives in Pacifica now, and his daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren live close by Bird & Beckett. It’s been very much a pleasure knowing Sangeeta, and his family, for the past decade and we’re honored to host this screening, on Saturday, August 16th, 7:30 pm, with Sangeeta and the director in attendance. A $10 donation is very much appreciated, and larger contributions will be welcome to help put the finishing touches on the film and launch it into the world.

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