Poets Berkson/McNaughton

Monday, August 29th, 7:00 pm

Bill Berkson
and Duncan McNaughton










Bill Berkson and Duncan McNaughton are contemporaries, friends and widely respected literary figures.  In addition to their writings (more than a dozen books of poetry by Duncan since 1961, and a like number of volumes of art writing, poetry and other material by Bill beginning in about the same year), both have been long engaged through critical work and correspondence in furthering the understanding of artistic endeavor.  Both have been important teachers in the Bay Area as well–  Duncan founded the innovative and highly influential Poetics Program at New College in 1965 and directed it until 1990; and Bill was a key faculty member at the renowned San Francisco Art Institute from 1984 to 2008. Both have roots on the east coast — Bill was born in New York in 1939; Duncan in Boston in 1942 — and came of age intellectually there, though they now firmly identify with both coasts.  They have both contributed significantly to American letters throughout their careers, for fifty years and more.