Monday, June 6th – 7-9pm
POETS! Carlos Suarez and Bob Anthony plus an open mic

Jerry Ferraz hosts a poetry reading here at Bird & Beckett twice a month, with an open mic following two featured readers. He’s done it for years, and Bird & Beckett has become known as a particularly rich and welcoming environment for experienced poets and those just beginning to test the waters.

Carlos Suarez has known his mind as a writer for decades, and his volume called “Between Rivers” has long been a favorite — evoking a contemporary and timeless landscape of urban and conceptual human habitation.

As for Jerry Ferraz, a native of this soil – Eureka Valley born – a wandering bard of the San Francisco back lanes – painter of the zen comedy – he’s kept Glen Park and Bird & Beckett on his peripatetic route for many years, tuning the space twice a month for pairs of featured poets and a revolving and ever expanding cast of open mic denizens.

Read his poem “Dharma Dream Walk” and others at