Monday, September 5th, 7:00 pm

H.D. Moe

POETS! Featured reader + open mic
Hosted by Jerry Ferraz
1st & 3rd Monday of Each Month

H.D. Moe has been a force on the Bay Area poetry scene since the 1970s, tirelessly generating volcanic streams of work that falls somewhere on the psychedelic / surrealist / automatic writing spectrum, operating in a shimmering, oscillating wavelength that at times is audible only to the angels.  Come hear a West Coast original!

trebling snails mooting unpronounced grins
soma bellybutton-
ing  anu thinking grasshoppers radiating
nightsea stone wind to me
Jelly boxes awkwarding
levi numinous whey muteing sparrows
dimension flash covers triptych clock sun
memorises pink arrows coming deeping rolfing
kettledrums star woven crawfish opium
levitas dogs blind stowaways transparent
zrnurgy footballing dytharambic echos eurydice
wowing sabu

Jerry Ferraz, peripatetic troubadour & minstrel bardic wanderer, hosts.