Monday, May 2nd – 7-9 pm
Poets Ron Sauer and Dan De Vries

open mic follows, Jerry Ferraz hosts

Ronald at mike_2016Ron Sauer

Ron Sauer is a native New Yorker and a leading light of the North Beach art and poetry scene, known for trenchant social satires and poignant love poems and for translations of Baudelaire, Aloysius Betrand, and Jacques Prevert. A troubadour of urban America, Sauer is a musician, collagist, art collector, teacher of film history and literature, polymath critic, and compulsive talker. The only formal education he admits to is a summa cum laude in Horizontal Angelology. He likes to spend his free time playing haberdasher to the happily impoverished. He is the co-founder, with artist Rebecca Peters, of Fly-By-Night Productions, which stages art exhibitions, and publishes Off the Cuff Press broadside editions of new poetry and prose.

Dan De VriesDan De Vries

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dan De Vries has lived in San Francisco since ’91. Before then, Denver, Laramie, Vancouver, Ann Arbor, and periodically up and down the San Francisco peninsula. Grad school in Wyoming and the University of Michigan (Hopwood prize in major fiction in 1980). Poems, Past & Presently, published in 2014 by IFSF. Author of three novels, Trees for Tomorrow, Blasphemous Rumors, and Piggery, and a short story collection, The Mountain King.

The Secret is sacred, but it is also somewhat ridiculous. The practice of the mystery is furtive and even clandestine, and its adepts do not speak about it. There are no respectable words to describe it, but it is understood that all words refer to it, or better, that they inevitably allude to it, and thus, in dialogue with initiates, when I have prattled about anything at all, they have smiled enigmatically or taken offense . . . Borges, from “The Sect of the Phoenix,” tr. Anthony Kerrigan