Monday, February 16th – 7 pm
Poets Ronald Sauer & Robert Anbian
open mic follows

Ron Sauer is a native New Yorker and a leading light of the North Beach art and poetry scene, known for trenchant social satires and poignant love poems and for translations of Baudelaire, Aloysius Betrand, and Jacques Prevert.  A troubadour of urban America, Sauer is a musician, collagist, art collector, teacher of film history and literature, polymath critiRon Sauerc, and compulsive talker.  The only formal education he admits to is a summa cum laude in Horizontal Angelology.  He likes to spend his free time playing haberdasher to the happily impoverished.  He is the co-founder, with artist Rebecca Peters, of Fly-By-Night Productions, which stages art exhibitions, and publishes Off the Cuff Press broadside editions of new poetry and prose.

Robert Anbian has published three poetry collections, WE Parts 1 & 2 (Night Horn Books 1999), Antinostalgia (Ruddy Duck Press 1992) and Bohemian Airs & Other Kêfs(Night Horn Books, 1982). EdgetoSonnez avant d'entrerne Records released the poetry and jazz CD, “Robert Anbian and the UFQ” in 2007 and the poetry and story two-CD set, “I Not I,” in 2008. 

Ron Sauer says “Anbian’s ongoing and ever added-to “WE” is the single greatest poem in American English of his generation.”