Postcards for Democracy! Swing those Electoral College voters to reason! Monday, 11/21, 6pm to 9pm

Concurrent with a poetry reading, and in the same shared bookshop space, we’re providing ten stamped postcards to each person interested in sending an appeal to Electoral College members in swing states.  

Respect the poetry reading going on this evening, but that shouldn’t stop you from writing a brief message and addressing a handful of postcards to try to convince these Electoral College members that a vote for the national popular vote winner would be a true act of democracy.

You just have to jot your quick “please cast your vote for the popular vote winner” message and we’ll put them in the mailbox Tuesday morning.

It’s quicker than your last trip to the polls!

Just drop in, take care of the business of democracy and head on!

Need clarification? Call the bookshop at 415-586-3733 and ask for Eric. I’ll call you back if I miss your call.