Prell / Logas / Pilorz / Aran

Jazz in the bookshop

Logas / Pilorz / Prell / Aran

Friday, June 17, 5:30 to 8:00 pm

Bassist Don Prell put this one together, using his usual resourcefulness and enthusiasm for the task at hand… when Chuck Peterson, Scott Foster & Ron Marabuto all found they had conflicts for their usual 3rd Friday, Don didn’t have to think too hard how to assemble a band.   He’s been doing that every Tuesday at the Bayview Boat Club for many, many years.

And this will be a top notch aggregation with a unique sound… no piano or guitar; hence, no “chordal” instrument laying the ground for the horns (sax and trombone) and the bass… it’s not unprecedented, but it’s unusual and promises a fresh, intricate sound… come hear for yourself…

The musicians will have fun… and so will you…