QR Hand

QR Hand, Jr. — Kim Shuck — Bill Vartnaw

POETS! reading series with open mic
Jerry Ferraz, m.c.
1st and 3rd Monday of every month

Monday, June 6, 7 pm

Q. R. Hand, Jr.’s poetry, according to his late, great compadre Reginald Lockett, “traverses the terrain of form, music, and language. This is an inspired, well crafted poetry that is political in intent and spirited in execution and defies any comparison to any literary precursors or contemporary schools of thought. Q.R. Hand is an entity unto himself; a true visionary walks among us.” We couldn’t have said it better, except simply to emphasize how completely hip Q really is… It’s always a pleasure to see him walk through the door of the shop, and to hear what he’s got to offer.

Kim and Bill, as well, are terrifically thoughtful and well-spoken poets, each a long-time tiller and toiler in the fields of expression.  Kim speaks from a contemporary Native American perspective, bound to widen your perception of the society we inhabit… and Bill, long-time publisher of many key Native American poets among others, has a poetic voice of his own that readily admits access to his kind and good humored take on the world we share.

As for Jerry, peripatetic padrone of our poetry series, he’s the embodiment of centuries of troubadours bringing word from the world out there to the Glen Park court…