Rent Party! Bop for the Bookshop!
Saturday, October 26th
Open to Close, 11am to 9pm

Ok!  Push comes to shove… we gotta raise the rent!

Fortunately we know legions of tremendous jazz musicians & they’re not hesitant to lend a hand…  From the time the doors open at 11 a.m. ’til we push ’em shut at 9 p.m., the bop will not stop.  That’s not just a rhyme scheme, friends, it’s what we live for!  Well, that & a good book.

browsingSo if you want your little bookshop to keep going, help us get over the hump.  We just need to catch up with the rent that’s due & all those other bills that keep coming in the mail!  Once in awhile, it takes an extra infusion, is all.

So fall by & push some cash into the donation buckets if you can.  $20 or whatever you can do.  You’ll be getting good value for your money… the musicians are playing for free, and the proprietor’s not takin’ no salary… and the music & camaraderie will be a joyous thing!

Call some friends & tell ’em your neighborhood bookshop needs their help too!  Alert the press!  Tell the mayor!  Maybe he’s your next door neighbor, come to think of it!

This one’s for the bookshop.  You’ll have a chance to donate to the nonprofit Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project soon (actually now or any time).  But right now, it’s about paying the payroll tax, the publishers & distributors, and the landlord!  All good causes, and they must be paid!

Got nothin’ to do between now & then?  Come in and browse & buy a book!

Coming to the party?  Buy some cheese at the Cheese Boutique across the street.  I bet Rick & Nada could use the business!  Paul at Buddies could stand to sell a bottle of wine too!

And don’t forget, y’all are great!  You’ve kept us going for 14 years & I have no doubt there’ll be another 14 years ahead!  Thanks!

PS.  Lest there be confusion, the rent hasn’t been raised– our landlord’s saintly that way– it’s just that we’ve got to raise the dough for the rent that’s due and a few past-due bills.  Clear?