Sunday, October 13th — 4:30-6:30 pm
Retro Blue
from the blues to beyond the edge…

jim_rya2nRetro Blue is a band that fully embraces the jazz tradition:  swing, bop, blues, r&b and free style, and explores uncharted sonic areas as well…

Leader Jim Ryan has been on the Bay Area music scene since the late 90’s and began his active music career in Paris, France in the early ’70s, participating in Steve Lacy’s weekly free jazz jam sessions in Paris.

Karl Evangelista is a young, highly original and accomplished guitarist who moved to Oakland from his hometown Los Angeles  several years ago.  He teaches and is constantly gigging in Oakland and San Francisco.

Eli Wallace, a native of the Bay Area, recently received his Masters Degree in Music from The New England Conservatory in Boston.  Now he’s back home writing, teaching and gigging with several area bands.

Eric Marshall plays upright and electric bass in jazz and improvised music groups.  He also leads his own group and is a regular performer with Eddie Gale.

Timothy Orr learned drumming from Ed Blackwell and constant gigging with rock and punk bands on the east coast.  He now lives in Oakland and plays all styles from Zydeco to Free Jazz.