Sunday, October 23rd – 4:30-6:30 pm
Robert Kennedy Quartet


Robert Kennedy, on organ, leads a quartet with James Moran on guitar, Lyle Link on sax and Cody Rhodes on drums.  Centered on the hard bop and soul jazz of the Hammond organ’s heyday in the 1950s and 1960s and extending to blues, jazz standards and modern originals, the Robert Kennedy Quartet’s repertoire brings you tunes well known and new, familiar and surprising. Whether you’re tapping your toes or dancing in the aisles, these players know their job is to bring you feeling for your heart, fascination for your mind, and rhythm for your body.

Classically trained from childhood and focused on playing rock and show tunes until his young adulthood, Robert Kennedy came to jazz late, playing in big bands and studying jazz piano privately with Bay Area legend Bill Bell. Later still, he shifted focus from jazz piano to jazz organ and draws on the playing of organists Jack McDuff, Chris Foreman, Larry Goldings, Chester Thompson, and many more for inspiration in crafting his own sound. As a composer and performer, he draws energy from the beautiful variety of approaches to tone, harmony, rhythm, and time that the Hammond organ drives him to explore. The 2015 album release Big Shoes by the Robert Kennedy Trio is Robert’s first album as a leader on the Hammond organ.