ruth weiss

an original beat…

ruth weiss w/trio at bird & beckett
friday night may 6th at 8:30 pm

poetry and jazz… a book release celebration!

can’t stop the beat: the life and words of a beat poet

ruth weiss was born in germany as the nazis came to power; her family fled to austria in 1933.  forced to flee again, this time to america, in 1939.  new york, chicago. a brief, two-year return of the family to germany postwar, 1946, schooled in switzerland, then returned to “the states,” to chicago. her first reading to jazz in chicago in 1949; the rest is (more) history… new york, new orleans, chicago again, hitchhiking, then san francisco, 1951. 1010 montgomery street; that poem is in the new book, along with “i always thought you black” and more. the cellar, a life amidst the beats and their progeny. an important poet, a vibrant poet. here at bird & beckett this friday, after the regular jazz set. 8:30 start. come! listen! celebrate!