Saturday, June 24th – 7:30-10 pm
Vocalist Denise Perrier with Swing Fever

Swing Fever declares,

“The music is our passion. Rhythmic, romantic, torrid and witty, we’re crazy for it. Tunes from the 1930s and ’40s have inspired Swing Fever for decades. We learned from the originators of the genre, which gives our performance authenticity. We not only play the music, we talk about it too – colorful stories, historical anecdotes, biographical sketches that revive the spirit of the people who created the music and the era which gave it life. We have the most experienced jazz players in the area, and our very fine vocalist Denise Perrier. Denise has toured the world, she is world-class.”

Trombonist Bryan Gould leads this sextet, which includes Dean Reilly on bass and Tony Johnson on drums — two stalwarts of the Bird & Beckett jazz scene — plus the fantastic Charlie McCarthy on sax and clarinet, and Jeff Massanari on guitar.

In Denise Perrier, “the voice with a heart.” the band boasts a seasoned vocalist who has spent her career performing in the San Francisco Bay Area while touring extensively in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Harkening back to the time when a singer told the story and left the rest to the instrumentalists, Denise, with her rich, contralto voice, has a straight-ahead style that never fails to please.

Of Jeff Massanari, monster guitarist Mike Stern (Blood, Sweat & Tears, Billy Cobham, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, the Brecker Brothers, Joe Henderson) has said, “Jeff is a beautiful player with lots of musical ideas. He plays his butt off.”