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Sunday concert series:
July 13th, 4:30 to 6:30 pm
The Smith Dobson Quartet

Smith Dobson V, tenor sax
Michael Coleman, piano
Rob Adkins, bass
Hamir Atwal, drums

Smith-Dobson-VSmith Dobson V comes from a long line of jazz musicians, and carries it well– he’s very highly regarded for his work on vibes, drums and sax.  He can be heard gigging around town and far afield at major venues on all three instruments.

At age 15, Smith led a band at the Monterey Jazz Festival… four years after making his Festival debut at age 11.  Just last year, he played the Festival again with his Lester Young project called “Prez Kids” and he’ll be taking the band back to the Festival in September 2014.

Smith’s father was a hugely admired pianist, and his mother is a vocalist with a devoted following.  His grandfather was a jazz accordionist and his grandmother a jazz vocalist.  Sister Sasha is a jazz vocalist as well.

As a child, Smith V studied with legendary jazz drummer Albert “Tootie” Heath, who said of his pupil: “He has the talent, determination and persistence as a musician, combined with the dedication necessary to succeed… improvisational skills totally advanced, excellent sensitivity, both solo and as an accompanist…my most talented student!”

In the fall, Smith V will take on one of our Saturday night “jazz club” sessions — catch him now for a preview of the great music to come.