Sunday, August 24th – 4:30-6:30 pm
Reconnaissance Fly
jazz and beyond

reconnaissance cly

Aggressively whimsical and charmingly incoherent. Reconnaissance Fly deliriously mixes Spam poetry, found texts and original lyrics with jazz, progressive rock, funk, samba, free improvisation, a small Chinese gong, and an arsenal of wind instruments all deployed against the forces of tedium!

Amanda Chaudhary with keyboard and electronics; Rich Lesnik playing clarinet, bass clarinet, and soprano and tenor saxophones; Polly Moller with voice, flutes and guitar; Larry the O on the drums, and Tim Walters on bass guitar and electronics.

On January 17, 2014, Edgetone Records opened a small cat carrier and released Reconnaissance Fly’s debut album, Flower Futures, into the wild. Live shows in support of this CD will be many and varied, including this one at Bird & Beckett.  In the fall you can run down to the Mojave Desert for some kinda seriously out of pocket experience, or wait ’til November and catch them here in town in the midst of a major Sun Ra extravaganza.  Dig the drummer today, and you’ll get a little hint just what that’s all gonna look like!  Check their website for more!  Click here!