Sunday, February 19th – 2-4 pm
Sunnylyn Thibodeaux — “What’s Going On” release party
joined by poet Lauren Levin – The Braid

Sunday, 2/19, at 2 pm — a reading by poets Sunnylyn Thibodeaux and Lauren Levin.

Sunnylyn will read from her new chapbook, “What’s Going On.” She is described as a “New Orleans poet stranded in San Francisco.” She received her MA from New College of California in 2001 and is the author of AS WATER SOUNDS (Bootstrap Press, 2014) and PALM TO PINE (Bootstrap, 2011). Her poems have been published in various magazines, including Amerarcana, Back Room Live, Banqueted, Belletrist, Big Bridge, Big Bell, Generación, Greetings, Morning Train, Nevada State Line, Oxalis, Polis, Positive Magnets, Streetnotes, Try!, and The Unbeatable Strategy of Faliure. Small books include 88 Haiku (PUSH Press, 2014), Room Service Calls (Lew Gallery, 2009), United Untied (Private Edition, 2008), 20/20 Yielding (Blue Press, 2005), and others. She co-edits Auguste Press and Lew Gallery Editions. “What’s Going On” is the latest chapbook produced by Bird & Beckett’s own publishing efforts, designed and edited by Nicholas James Whittington.

Lauren Levin grew up in New Orleans and lives in Richmond. Her new volume of poetry, The Braid, is a fever dream of pregnancy and early parenting in the era of the police state. Meditative and urgent, it interrogates the idealized portrait of mother and child to wind up somewhere much messier. A love poem shot through with ambivalence; a sustained fuck-you to Ronald Reagan and his legacy; a moment of feminist possibility on the far side of collapse.