Sunday, February 25th – 2:30 pm
Walker Talks!
Goethe’s Poetic Science: The Unity of the Visionary and the Empirical

Walker Brents III has been musing on topics of his choosing monthly at Bird & Beckett for fifteen years or more — thoughts on individual poets, philosophers, seers… bits of mythology…  There are wonderful reasons that he’s got a loyal coterie of fans, and not just at the bookshop, but at storytelling festivals, in schoolyards and classrooms, at art museums. Come hear for yourself.

He says,  “Human speech is the place where myths unfold, today and tomorrow. It has always been this way. The language of storytelling contains within itself how we, both as a species and as unique individuals, understand events as they occur. This is a process continually in transition. The more we are aware of its nuances as it makes itself known, the more is our vigilance honed, our intuitive faculties strengthened, and our trust in life assured.”

This afternoon, his subject is Goethe’s poetic science: the unity of the visionary and the empirical. A timeless and creative way of observing natural phenomena and seeing intuitively in their inner structure.