Sunday, February 3rd:
Poets Les Gottesman & Jodi Sanchez

gottesman postcardThis reading celebrates Les Gottesman’s newest chapbook, Misuses of Poetry and Other Poems, from Finishing Line Press. Les’s first published poems were in Ted Berrigan’s C magazine in 1965. More recently, his poems have appeared in numerous print and online journals as well as in thirteen chapbooks from his own imprint, Omerta Publications. Les has been a teacher in San Francisco for over 30 years. He received an MFA in Writing from California College of the Arts in 2011. See his poems (and photographs) at

Jodi A. Sanchez hails from Chicago, Illinois. A graduate of New College of California’s MA Poetics program, she is eternally grateful for the education and inspiration found there. Her works can be seen in local literally magazines and in Beatitude: Golden Anniversary Edition. She currently strive to share her stories in all artistic forms and remember those heard along the way.