Sunday, January 27th:
Walker Talks!
Walt Whitman & the Civil War

Hospital-Field-Civil-WarSunday, Jan. 27 at 2:30 p.m. A talk on the poet in the time of America’s greatest trial, his work amidst the intense misery of the hospital wards bringing him face to face with the suffering wrought by the national suicide then in progress. The experience was inevitably incorporated into his evolving poetic persona, resulting not only in several unchallenged literary masterpieces but also spawning a new species of mythical-spiritual being, arising not from classical civilization but out of an American democracy which persists imperfectly yet recognizably to the present day.

Walker Brents III gives a monthly talk on topics ranging from bits of mythology to the lives and works of writers and philosophers to historical chapters, with brilliant insight and a unique frame of reference that has gained him an avid and devoted audience.