Sunday, November 18th – 2:00-3:30 PM
Glen Park’s Stephany Wilkes presents her book
Raw Material: Working Wool in the West

Just a few years ago, Stephany Wilkes walked away from tech into the legs of critters like this, shears in hand!

She had wondered just why she couldn’t buy locally sourced wool yarn to knit with, and next thing she knew she was diving deep into all things sheep. Shearing was (to her) just the logical next step.

She took that step and quite a few more, and has this excellent book to hip you to a constellation of sheep thoughts.

She lives in your neighborhood, right here in Glen Park, but travels the west shearing these critters. There’s much more to be gleaned about Stephany’s sheep & wool immersion – check the bio page at her site!

Read about Stephany in the current issue of the Glen Park News at this link:

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