Sunday, November 18th:
“On Borges: A few of his enigmas”
a talk by Carlos Suarez

Sunday, November 18th — 2:00 p.m.  A talk on Argentina’s blind visionary, the writer Jorge Luis Borges.

Carlos Suarez explains:  I am not sure if I am reaching some synthesis or if I am starting to forget, so… just in case the fog gets too deep into the bay, I would like to share with you some impressions and a few thoughts about Borges.

Borges was a fabulous reader, a reteller of stories.  The blind librarian of Buenos Aires.  The last of the patrician intellectuals.  The most important writer in the Spanish language since Cervantes.

The reader as hero….

(and remember that Quixote was a heavy reader and a soldier-poet, a combustible mixture.)

I hope we can recreate a bit of those celebrated quiet pleasures Borges so gently offered so many times…  The way he used language. The way he explored knowledge and found amusement and material for reflection–not always too serious–in the paradoxes of history, the special nodal moments in which some crucial detail or choice, as in a good detective novel, makes the difference… and I may show you how people used to “play Borges” in some cafes in Argentina.