Sunday, November 24th — 4:30-6:30 p.m.
Music at Large:
The Lewis Jordan Quintet

which way west? Sunday concert series
every week, music from the four points of the compass
no cover, donations requested

Saxophonist Lewis Jordan writes:

I began Music at Large in 1976, dedicated to interdisciplinary and multicultural productions, with presentations incorporating music, theater, dance, poetry and visual art.  Since that time, Music at Large has been a vehicle for producing musical performances of my own and others’ work, plays, and panels.
The genesis of the Music at Large is the commitment to bringing people together by bridging arbitrary distinctions that have only served to divide us from ourselves, as well as serving to divide us from others.  As the saying goes, “put all my food on the same plate.”
A few highlights include:
In 1976, Music at Large featured a performance that included dancers Adela Chu, Andrea Sherman and Yuki Shiroma at the Metropolitan Art Center in San Francisco.  Also in that year, there was a concert of duets: I performed with the legendary alto saxophonist Russel Baba; with the drummer Carl Hoffman; and with the singer Jesse Foster.
In 1977, Music at Large featured performances in New York City.  I worked with bassist John Lindberg and drummer Rashid Bakr in a presentation of Re: Arrangements and De Compositions of Lewis Jordan.
In 1994, Music at Large was the producer of “Language By Any Means Necessary,” in words and music, composed and improvised.  This was a presentation (on KPFA-FM and at the Headlands in Sausalito, CA.), featuring Charles Alston (voice), Q.R. Hand (poetry), myself on alto saxophone, Juan Ceballos (flute), Dhyani Dharma Mas (guitar), Lisle Ellis (acoustic bass), and Donald Robinson (drums).
In 1999, Music at Large was the producer of a four-part interdisciplinary series at the Noh Space in San Francisco: music with poetry, dance, drama and a performance mural, including Alejandro Murguía, devorah major, Genny Lim, Akinyele Sadiq, Joe Vance and Miranda Bergman.
In 2000, under Music at Large, I presented a performance/panel at the Headlands Center of the Arts, in Sausalito, California.  Featured were improvisers speaking on their work and performing: Miya Masaoka, India Cooke, Sara Shelton Mann, Genny Lim and Bob Ernst represented improvisation in the fields of music, dance, poetic and theatrical disciplines.
Most recently, the focus of Music at Large has been a performing unit.  This group, based in the San Francisco Bay area, features myself on alto and baritone saxophones; Karl Evangelista on electric guitar; John-Carlos Perea on electric bass and cedar flute; Marshall Trammell on drums; and Jimmy Biala on percussion.  Since 2009, the group has performed at Oakland Public Conservatory of Music, Velma’s Jazz Club in San Francisco, and at Anna’s Jazz Island in Berkeley.  The group has recorded in 2010, and a CD is in the works.   The group has recorded in 2010, and a CD is in the works.  The group brings together the music of three major soul food groups: Asian, African and Native American.  And, in the process, new recipes are constantly unfolding.