Sunday Poets:
Jennifer Arin & Meg Schoerke

Sunday, September 16 – 2 p.m.
A special reading by two SFSU English Dept. professors and poets.  Jennifer Arin has just published a new collection entitled Ways We Hold, while Meg Schoerke has won wide acclaim for her book, Anatomical Venus.

Arin brings an awareness of time’s ineluctable passage and poetry’s power to stop it, however briefly. Brilliant and resonant, one illumination following another, Ways We Hold delivers on its promises because for Arin, poetry “is one / small way we hold on.” You will want to hold onto this book, like a lost friend rediscovered. – Elisabeth Frost

Meg Schoerke’s poems display a passionate devotion to form, the pure form of shells, architecture, jazz, and memory.  She seems to believe both that pure form can save us from the chaos and abandonments of everyday life, and that it is the truth of everyday life, the underlying silver bones, the signature riff, the silence ‘braced against the ear’s interior tunes.’  Her contradictory belief is hard to gainsay, given the complex evidence of these poems. — Emily Grosholz