Sunday, September 24th – 2:30-4 pm
Walker Talks! on the lasting significance of Alan Watts

Alan Watts, born near London in 1915, was drawn to Buddhism at a young age, and published his first book in 1936 at age 21, The Spirit of Zen: A Way of Life, Work and Art in the Far East. Though he later came to view that book as somewhat naive and superficial, it marked the start of a significant career as a philosopher, religious thinker and public intellectual. Moving to New York in 1938, he pursued Christian and Buddhist philosophies side by side, and made a particularly strong impression with the 1950 publication of The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for An Age of Anxiety.

In 1951, Watts moved to California. His radio broadcasts on KPFA beginning in 1953 along with public lectures and numerous books were hugely influential in philosophical and religious circles and in the popular counterculture that blossomed in the Bay Area through the sixties and seventies.