Sunday, September 25th – 4:30-6:30 pm
Soul Explosion!
Derek Evans & Friends

Mississippi born, San Francisco soul!

Vocalist Derek Evans

with his band featuring
Joe Lococo, guitar;
Willie Riser, bass;
Elvis Johnson, drums

Derek Evans’ love of music dates back to his early childhood in Hickory, Mississippi. He remembers sitting beside his grandmother as she sang and played the piano, leading the inspirational choir in the soul-stirring spirituals delivered every Sunday to the congregation of the True Light Baptist Church. Later,¬†as a teenager, Derek drew inspiration from the blend of church and secular music created by Ray Charles.

On reaching San Francisco, Derek plunged head first into the region’s rich musical diversity, embracing styles of music from soul to country, funk to jazz, rock n’ roll to deep blues.

He’s collaborated with the friends and fellow musicians sharing the stage with him here many times over the years, and they know just what it takes to feed the fire. A soulful singer with an impressive voice, Derek has been the much-loved lead vocalist for saxophone great Jules Broussard for more than 20 years.

photo by Angela Bennett 2016