Sunday, September 28th – 2:30 p.m.
Walker Talks!
Eriugena’s theology of the logos

walker brentsWalker Brents III weaves a fascinating web of insight, association, speculation and delight the last Sunday of every month, following his muse where it takes him on topics divers — from epic literature to mythological tales to the enigmas of poetry and the profundities of philosophy and religion.

Today at 2:30, join his many devotees to explore with him the thought and writing of 9th century Irish philosopher and philosopher Johannes Scottus Eriugena, whose neoplatonic cosmology posits the infinite, transcendent and ‘unknown’ God, beyond being and non-being, who through a process of self-articulation, procession, or ‘self-creation’ proceeds from his divine ‘darkness’ or ‘non-being’ into the light of being, speaking the Word who is understood as Christ, and at the same timeless moment brings forth the Primary Causes of all creation.

Walker Talks!  Knock him your lobes!