anachronistic and obsolete

old-time is not a crime talked to a couple of guys at the shop on Sunday, while the Saddle Cats held forth on the stage, zipping along the route felicitously preserved on the Bob Wills Tiffany transcriptions, kidding about the idea of a district … [Read more...]

Speaking of Amazon

Speaking of Amazon... Must we? unless it be the river... But back here at home, that giant big box store on the internet continues to throw its weight around. On April 6, they threatened to pull their distribution center out of South Carolina if … [Read more...]

You don’t miss your water…

Books and Bookstores = Nostalgia? or the Future of Your Ever-Lovin' Mind??? A reader of our website wondered if it was doing a disservice to one of the local shops we mightily admire to imply that they were "on the ropes" -- by which we meant … [Read more...]

You Don’t Miss Your Water…

Get Lost Books...Cover to Cover...Modern Times...even Borders! Gone or on the ropes... Stacey's...Cody's...Black Oak Books!┬áJust a memory... You don't miss your water...'til your well runs dry! Can I get a witness!? Send your thoughts to … [Read more...]


PEOPLE POWER! language & voice! BIG EASY PIANISTICS! 3 EVENTS: SUNDAY, MARCH 20th 1:30 pm- A worldwide reading in solidarity with jailed dissident poet Liu Xiaobo, 2010 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. 3 pm- POET! Mary Winegarden reads from … [Read more...]