Books for sale

The pleasures of the page Nothing is really like a book, though only a very few of them are really important as books... still, many would lay down their lives if it would  save the book from obliteration, for many fine and very important personal … [Read more...]

What Was Communism?

What Was Communism? We sure as hell ain't sure... but they're contemplating the question big time at Kolkata's Seagull Books.  (That's Calcutta to you!)  Specifically, they're wondering why it's so abruptly gone by the boards -- and whether that … [Read more...]

New on the shelves…

Hot off the press, on our shelves for your perusal... Three novels we'd be more than happy to read, if only we had the time... maybe you do? Mention reading about any of them in this post, and we'll knock 15% off the price. Or click on the image … [Read more...]

New Books on the shelves- Cleopatra, Stephen Sondheim and More

Stacy Schiff's new biography of Cleopatra and Stephen Sondheim on Stephen Sondheim Two terrific books on the shelf in the bookshop (and orderable through our online store): Stacy Schiff's biography of the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra: A Life has … [Read more...]