Saturday, Sept. 27th – 8-11 p.m.
The Michael Parsons Quintet
Farewell concert
& live recording session!

Michael is leaving for Paris, drawn by love, and vowing to return, in 2016, married, we sincerely hope, to the lovely Siham!  He's unquestionably the best young bebop piano player on the local scene, having climbed quickly to that level over the past … [Read more...]

Sunday, August 10th – 4:30-6:30 pm
The Betty Shaw Quartet
which way west? Sunday concert series

Betty Shaw, piano Bob Kenmatsu, sax Robb Fisher, bass Ron Marabuto, drums. Betty Shaw's love & deep understanding of jazz has led her to play anywhere, anytime, with top flight collaborators – with a commitment born of nothing so much as … [Read more...]

jazz club! Saturday nights
July 26th — 8 to 11 pm:
Michael Parsons, piano, w/Rob Figliuzzi

Michael Parsons, piano Rob Figliuzzi, guitar Heshima, bass Vinnie Rodriguez, drums San Francisco is a jazz town, and you're in it!  Get down to Bird & Beckett and find out. Guest guitarist Rob Figliuzzi leads one of the finest trad … [Read more...]

Sunday, June 22nd — 4:30-6:30 pm
Jazz pianist Joel Forrester

Joel Forrester returns to San Francisco -- and Bird & Beckett -- to play a few dates around the Bay.  Joel's well known for his work with the Microscopic Sextet, for solo accompaniment to silent films, for composing the theme for "Fresh Air" on … [Read more...]

Sunday, May 25th – 4:30 to 6:30 pm
The Grant Levin Trio

Grant Levin, piano Glenn Richman, bass Mark Lee, drums Enjoy a group that epitomizes the joy of the piano jazz trio tradition.  Grant Levin is one of the key young pianists on the local scene.  Beginning in July, you'll find him directing our … [Read more...]