Sunday, February 2nd, 1:30 pm
Tangents Turkey Music Tour Preview

Dore SteinSixteen Days in Turkey…Ten Nights of Music

Dore Stein’s Tangents Turkey Music Tour promo concert & talk

Sunday, Feb. 2nd, 1:30-3:00 pm (before you might need to hustle over to Glen Park Station to watch the Super Bowl), come hear Gari Hegedus play Turkish music on oud & baglama, catch a few poems from Clara Hsu, and then hear Tangents radio host Dore Stein (KALW 91.7 fm) discuss the tour he’s leading to Turkey this coming October.   You just might want to go along!  No obligation, though…all welcome!

10 concerts in 16 nights — & lots and lots of ambling around Istanbul & environs!

In addition to being co-founder of Stellamara and Teslim, Gari Hegedus also performs with Janam, The Helladelics, Eliyahu and the Qadim Ensemble and Hamed Nikpay. He has toured with the Mevlevi Dervish (Sufi) Order of America.and is also a luthier.

Clara Hsu is a prolific poet and also co-owner of the Poetry Hotel Press. Clara was a nominee for the Pushcart Prize in poetry and Clara’s first book of poems, Mystique, received honorable mention at the 2010 San Francisco Book Festival. Her work can be found in many publications including The Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal and she co-hosts the San Francisco Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV Show.

Tour organizer and leader Dore Stein moved to the Bay Area in 1984 and began his “Tangents” radio program on KCSM the next year. Dore was also Music Director at KKSF, where he was a five time Gavin Award nominee. Stein brought Tangents to KALW in 1995 and later to Paris based is currently also webcast on Berlin based  Beginning in 2005, Dore began his annual Tangents Turkey Music Tours. In a climate of ignorance and misperception regarding Islamic culture, Dore believes the best way to learn about other cultures is through travel and music.