Tango No. 9

October 30th – Sunday, 4:30 to 6:30 pm
All ages welcome – no cover – kids free
Suggested donation for adults – $10

Tango No. 9

which way west?
Sunday afternoon concert series

Tango No. 9 has been making audiences swoon for 13 years with their exquisite sets of classic, nuevo and orginal tangos, and we’re overheated with excitement every time they hit the stage in our cozy little bookshop.

Violinist Catharine Clune, pianist Joshua Raoul Brody and trombonist Greg Stephens have been joined in this group by the dashing Zoltan de Bartolo who vocalizes those Argentinian, Spanish and Italian tunes that stir the soul.

From Astor Piazzola’s Buenos Aires and Paris to your own fog shrouded city of love, they deliver music that is haunting, inspiring and soulfully satisfying.