Ten Years that Shook San Francisco

Sunday, July 10th, 2:00 pm

SAN FRANCISCO, 1968-1978

A reading by editor Chris Carlsson and contributors Pam Peirce, Andrew Lam and Mary Jean Robertson

Appropriate that ten days following our reading with poet Neeli Cherkovski, we present a conclave of contributors to this newly published anthology of essays on some of the momentous events and movements of an era that ended with the assassinations of Harvey Milk and George Moscone… appropriate in that Neeli came to San Francisco specifically to work for Moscone… appropriate in that he remembers getting to know well an old Russian poet some years before in Los Angeles, a man who had lived through the October Revolution of 1917, the “ten days that shook the world” which American journalist John Reed so vividly depicted in his book of that name.