Sunday, April 9th – 4:30-6:30 pm
The Cottontails

Karina Denike, vocals
Tom Griesser, sax
Michael McIntosh, piano
Ari Munkres, bass
Randy Lee Odell, drums

Swingin’ jazz that evokes the best of the cocktail world
from the ’20s to the ’50s.

This outfit held down the third Sunday slot at the Riptide bar out on Taraval until fire destroyed the place a couple of years ago. ¬†Since then, they’ve been all over town — Bimbo’s 365 Club last New Year’s Eve, weekly bookings at the Club Deluxe and at Reed & Greenough, The Rite Spot, Le Colonial… and now, at last, at Bird & Beckett!

Here’s a report from before the Riptide was burned out:¬†

” ……..We are ready to stop in at the historic Riptide to see what could be described, without (m)any accusations of hyperbole, as one of the best jazz bands in the world – The Cottontails. The Cottontails are the freewheeling, day-off super-group of several very busy local music titans: […] (B)bandleader Michael McIntosh, scion of a San Francisco music family, has contributed to the bedrock of our fertile musical community in ways too numerous to count, too weighty to measure. His solos can evoke everyone from Jelly Roll Morton to Herbie Hancock, and he is known to pound out liturgical music on the pump organ in his spare time. He epitomizes the pluck and spirit of The Cottontails – dogged, versatile, virtuosic; a light-fingered role player where called for, but a spine tingling soloist when he chooses.” — Todd Wanerman, The Bay Bridged


Keep in mind, the State in all its wisdom cracked down on us a month ago– so we can’t serve you alcohol.
It’s strictly BYOB. Do come, and do tend to your own needs in that department! Thanks for your understanding. Coming soon, Bird & Beckett flasks!