Sunday, November 19th – 7:30-9:30 pm
The Grant Levin Trio
Chris Amberger and Rodney Ruckus
$15 cover charge

Why are these musicians smiling? Maybe it’s because your cover charge tonight, plus what we, as charter members of the Jazz Philanthropists Union, put in, plus a wage subsidy from the Guaranteed Fair Wage Fund (created by Jazz in the Neighborhood) will combine to pay a decent guarantee (“a fair wage”) to the musicians who make up…

The Grant Levin Trio
Saturday, November 19th

Grant Levin is an extraordinary jazz pianist, nearing the end of a seven-month residency at Bird & Beckett! Only five dates left on his schedule before the end of the year! Don’t miss this trio date with “Jazz Messenger” Chris Amberger, bass, and the vital young drummer Rodney Ruckus.

For this Grant Levin Trio date, Jazz in the Neighborhood’s Guaranteed Fair Wage Fund, in collaboration with Bird & Beckett and the Jazz Philanthropists Union, will be supplementing your generous contributions at the door to make sure the musicians are paid adequately, and nearly twice what they’ve generally come to expect!

An exciting progressive era is dawning when audiences, venues and philanthropists will be working in concert to raise the wage expectations and standards of the Bay Area’s many wonderful professional musicians!

November 19th is the debut of the Guaranteed Fair Wage Fund.

Be a part of it!

First principle: It starts with YOU!

Please realize that your cover charges, donations and generosity are the starting point on which the venues and philanthropists build.

$15 cover charge tonight.             Students $10.

Jazz Philanthropists free– inquire at the bookshop how to become one.
(Hint: a hefty donation to the cause is what it takes.)