Friday, May 20th – 5:30-8:00 pm
The Scott Foster Quartet: The Art of the Pick Up Band

Scott FosterBob Kenmotsu, tenor sax
Scott Foster, guitar
Adam Gay, bass
Omar Aran, drums

Guitarist Scott Foster, who leads a date at Bird & Beckett on the third Friday of each month, has assembled a quartet the way quartets are generally assembled: get a date booked and start calling around to see who’s available.

Come the date, convene on the bandstand, find a quick consensus on the first tune, the tempo, maybe a few details about how to handle it, and let it rip.  Then spend the rest of the first set getting progressively more comfortable with each other, take a break, take it on through to the end.

Maybe each has played with each, maybe not, it’s ok, you’re all used to it and find it pretty natural to be stimulated by it the process. Time telescopes, contracts; comfort zones are found and stepped in and out of; mistakes are made and often as not turned into opportunities. Beautiful music crops up again and again.

And that’s just how a non-musician figures it. Imagine knowing it from the inside, and then building your gig deliberately around the very process! That’s what Scott has in mind for tonight at Bird & Beckett. And that’s why he’s calling the date, “The Art of the Pick Up Band.”

We’re all in for a good time tonight, and in the hands of four wonderful musicians:

Saxophonist Bob Kenmotsu (who leads his own quartet here on Sunday afternoon)…