Saturday, April 23rd – 7:30-10pm
The Vinnie Rodriguez Quartet feat. trumpeter Ian Carey

jazz club! when lights are low…
every Saturday night

Drummer Vinnie Rodriguez invites trumpeter Ian Carey, pianist Adam Shulman and bassist Noah Schenker to the Bird & Beckett stage to spotlight a number of Ian’s own compositions as well as a select number of jazz standards.

Ian has just released his latest album, “Interview Music,” under the group name of the Ian Carey Quintet + 1, with Adam on piano and other exemplary Bay Area jazz talents.  He brought the group into the Oakland’s Sound Room for the album’s debut just last week and will present the band and the album again on Sunday the 24th at San Francisco’s Chez Hanny. It’s a stupendous piece of work, and you’d be well advised to see if it’s still possible to get over to Frank Hanny’s place to hear the group Sunday. In any case, you’ll be missing a bet if you neglect to buy a copy of the cd at Bird & Beckett Saturday night.
Read about the album and Ian’s other projects at this link.
To see about attending the Chez Hanny concert, visit this link.

Tonight at Bird & Beckett, we’ll have a chance to hear Ian reconfigure some of that album’s material for this quartet as well as other compositions from what has clearly become an exciting body of work. Many thanks to Vinnie for making Ian the centerpiece of his “jazz club!” date this time around!

Drummer Vinnie Rodriguez leads the band every third Saturday at "jazz club!"

Drummer Vinnie Rodriguez leads the band every fourth Saturday at “jazz club!”