Thursday, December 1st – 8-10 pm
Paul Griffiths & Meredith Edgar
with the Scofflaw 2



Born at an early age in Manchester England, Paul Griffith’s “at times comic, at times tragic” original songs have been characterized as “Briti-Cana: Americana with a British flavor.”

Initially inspired by the high energy country covers of British boogie bands and later pub rock’s good-time-Charleys, Paul learned guitar and some stage craft from the guitar-loving boyfriends of his big sister, right before punk rock’s scorched-earth-year-zero ideology ripped a hole in British pop culture.

Multiple musical endeavors inevitably followed; JB Sweat and The Perspirations, The Cheekie Pigs, Beergut 100, The Dickheads, Rough Vessel, The Suspects, Pat etcetera. Paul also served time in the folk singer and bluegrass trenches between even shorter lived musical experiments hopefully lost to the mists of time.

From Bristol England to Bangkok Thailand, from Burmese border towns to Saigon, Paul considers himself lucky to have made music in exotic sounding (at least) locations, eventually finding kindred spirits and a musical home in the Bay Area, honing his songwriting and performing skills along the way.

In the last few years, Paul has shared stages with some of his favorite local and even a few internationally known musicians, performing original material with his band The Scofflaws.

meredith-edgarMeredith Edgar is a San Francisco native, recently returned from a five-year stay in Austin, Texas. With some of her major musical influences being Ryan Adams, Billie Holiday, Morphine, Gillian Welch, Amy Winehouse, and Jolie Holland, Meredith’s songs are melancholy and melodic, and combine her loves of folk, jazz, and Americana.