Tuesday, January 23rd – 7:30 pm
Poet Dan Liberthson reads new work

Dan Liberthson is a Glen Park resident, and a poet with five published collections to his credit, including his newest, A Poetry of Birds: Poems About Birds and the Photographs that Inspired Them (2017).

A Poetry of Birds comprises 38 poems about various bird species paired with photographs of the birds by naturalist and wildlife photographer Ron LeValley. The poems reflect on the beauty, lives, and behaviors of the birds, both in themselves and as they relate to human life.

Dan was born in Rochester, New York, and attended Reed College, Northwestern University (BA, history) and SUNY at Buffalo (PhD, English). His poetry and writing are driven by a few core beliefs: the importance of telling a story, the need to tell it in a disciplined way, and a belief that the sound of the language, too often neglected, is a forceful agent of expression. Most of his books of poetry are illustrated, as he believes that poetry is made stronger presented in combination with visual images.