Walker Brents: Flintlock

Sunday, August 28th, 2:30 pm

Walker Brents III’s Flintlock Tales

Walker talks! quite a lot!  and most interestingly on the last Sunday of each month at Bird & Beckett, barring the summer months– when he rambles the west to make sure the roads still lead on… and, thus far, they have.

For many many years now, Walker has been concocting tales of Flintlock, a sharp-clawed and unpredictable cat, given to whims of its own brought to a certain hard-etched definition in the cyclone of a hard and, when you come down to it, beautiful landscape– just the kind of landscape his creator has taken in in a long youth and adolscence in the dusty west, and those repeated seasonal rambles…

Flintlock evokes a certain sense of recognition– a certain sharp pain of realization… and a certain amusement mixed with astonishment.

Come hear, y’all…