Sunday, September 3rd – 4:30-6:30 pm
wordwind chorus
which way west? Sunday concert series

Bring $10 for the band and $10 for hurricane relief – through the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund established by Houston mayor Sylvester Turner and administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation.

wordwind chorus comprises the poets q.r. hand, brian auerbach and lewis jordan, and, safe in heaven dead (to quote Jack Kerouac), the late great reginald lockett.

lewis plays alto saxophone as well, the three voices and the sax intermingling & contrapuntalizing to summon up powerful, edifying, and delightful gusts of thought, feeling, insight… it’s profound, for sure, and a true pleasure.


if i were king


if i were king

i’d have the teachers preach

and the preachers teach

if i were king

i’d speak truth to power

i’d tell myself what i really believed

even if it made me uncomfortable


if i were king

i’d call for my pipe and have a bowl

while listenin to B.B. or the Queen of Soul,

to the Count, the Duke, or Nat King Cole


if i were king

my rap would be so tight they’d call me Tut

if i had to take it with me, i could, But

i’m here to play, so i’ll stick and stay

dreamin by night and dreamin by day

however i want it, i’ll have it my way

i’ll do as i do and walk as i say


if i were king

my country ’tis of me, of me i sing

i’ve got my own little world here on a string

wherever i am i’ll call home

just to hear Freedom’s special ringtone

wherever i sit will be my throne

whenever i laugh, i won’t be alone


if i were king

i’d major in drumming

mountain climbing and long distance running

wherever i was going i’d make the grade

wherever we were headed i’d lead the parade

and when it came to financial aid

all our debts i’d finally stamp paid


if i were king

love would be in the air

in the water and in the earth

peace would reign, justice would be fair,

all the colors would know their own worth


Lewis Jordan © 2010